Nursery School in Llubí. Spain

|   Location: Llubí, Spain  |    Type: Competition  [  3rd PRIZE ]    |    Client:  Municipality of Llubí   |    Year: 2017.    |    Size: 440m2c    |    Status:  Submitted   |

Nursery School_Ruiz Pardo-Nebreda (6).jpg

The new Llubi's nursery school is located in a wide and sunny plot located on Roca Llisa street that opens to the southwest with views towards the vegetation.

The building is composed of a high blind body of local sandstone, which contextualizes it in the municipality as an urban piece whose materiality refers to the landscape of stone walls and buildings. This body is cracked in its cover, generating small skylights. They light the interior in a controlled way. The lower part consists of a practicable and permeable base of pine wood joinery. Thus, while the upper body refers to the large scale of the landscape and its insertion into the urban fabric, the scale of the user is solved with a warm and welcoming material. The wooden lattices sift the sunlight without hindering the view from the inside. The building can be a sieved piece with all its folded joinery, or become an open, expansive, linked to the outside, with all the lattices unfolded.

It is a suitably sunny space, flexible, adapted to the scale of children according to the different ages, with an interior rich in space experiences, and an envelope that allows its opening or protection according to the needs of each moment.