Mungwi Offices. Zambia

|   Location: Lusaka, ZambiaI  |  Type: Commission    |    Client: Private    |    Year: 2012   |    Size: 2.200m2c    |    Status: PRELIMINARY DESIGN   |

Mungwi commercial headquarters are located inside an industrial plot with heavy traffic in the vicinity and old and degraded industrial buildings . 

The structural solution is conceived as a system formed by thick and inverted beams to cover large spans for office use, and to be projected outwards the perimeter of the building. From the ends of the beams a hanged metal mesh enclosure is provided. Between the mesh and the building an in- between space is generated where vegetation is panted and the access to the building is solved. This green belt acts as a filter and sifts the views while it protects the glazed façade from direct sunlight exposure . 

The structural solution liberates the working area on the first level from structural constraints allowing flexible floor plans. Communication and services cores are placed in the green belt, and the small rooms and client facing programs are located in ground floor where the structure is solved with pillars and narrower spans .