UY Corporate office.  Uruguay

I   Location: Montevideo, Uruguay    I    Type: Commission    I    Client: Private    I    Year: 2013    I    Size: 6.400m2c    I    Status: PRELIMINARYDESIGN    I

The corporate headquarters are located next to Gate 3 of the Zonamérica Free Trade Zone in Montevideo.

The project is organized in two parallel blocks which are interconnected through walkways that cross the courtyard between them, allowing the entry of natural light to all areas. The narrower block has 10m span and houses all external and service uses, leaving the wider block, 14m span, free of easements and completely flexible for different workspaces configurations.

Originally conceived as independent floor plans for companies belonging to the same trade group, its configuration can be changed very easily (including toilets location) due to a deep raised floor. To facilitate this flexibility the pillars are located on the perimeter and the horizontal structure is solved with post-tensioned slabs to reduce its thickness and free up space for the facilities.