TZ Corporate Offices. Tanzania

I   Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania    I    Type: Comission    I    Client: Private    I    Year: 2012.    I    Size: 2.800m2c    I    Status: PRELIMINARY DESIGN    I

DSC_0936 TTD.jpg

The building is placed next to the road connecting the city center and the industrial port, and shows a dynamic and representative image as it is a visible element of this area in transformation.

The project is planned as an enveloping structure which surrounds the administrative areas of the new corporate office building. It is a bridge-like structure that stands on four points distributed around the offices which is covered with a wide span steel structure that lets in natural light through its skylights.

The building is organized in two levels. The ground floor houses two different uses separated by the reception area. On one side client facing programs are placed, while on the other hand some collective uses, such as the multipurpose room or dining room are located. The upper level is an open office space without pillars. Workspaces are located next to the areas where the external wall allows the views to the outside, while the service cores are located in the areas where the wall covers the entire facade.