Old Prison Renovation. Spain

|   Location: Murcia. Spain   |   Type: 2nd Phase Competition   |   Client: Murcia City Council    |   Year: 2017   |   Size:5.200m2c    I    Status: Submitted    I

Old Prision Restoration_Murcia_Ruiz Pardo-Nebreda (2).jpg

The old prison of Murcia is very deteriorated after many years of neglect. The complete emptying of the building is proposed to generate a wide public space as the Garden of Historical Memory.

An urban garden dedicated to Historical Memory, open to the city and under a glass cover that provides light and ventilation, is proposed as the central element of the project. It is a large covered green space, which will value the building itself and serve as the main teaching resource for teaching the history of the prison and the Region of Murcia in general. It will be a public forum, a park and a place to learn.

This garden will also serve as a large vestibule or entrance hall to the programs that complete the proposal located perimetrally in the old courtyards, which are partially occupied. Thus, respecting its façade and volumetry, it turns around its spatial organization in such a way that it acquires an exterior character and vice versa. The proposed cultural programs are configured as a ring-shaped perimeter that contains the proposed programs accessed from the Memory Garden. This configuration facilitates the independence of programs of different nature as well as their differentiated management, facilitating their use in different time