Operations Building.  Namibia

I   Location: Walvis Bay, Namibia    I    Type: Comission    I    Client: Private    I    Year: 2013-2015    I    Size: 800m2c    I    Status: COMPLETED    I


The project is an Industrial Operations building designed for its implementation in a fuel tank farm. The typical operation of these plants determines two clearly differentiated areas. The first one should house tank operators' program: exchange of delivery notes, waiting area, showers and toilets. On the other hand the own terminal staff should have working areas not accessible for truck drivers, but they should be able to control them from said areas.

Therefore a two sided building is conceived: one accessible only to drivers and the other for staff only, which includes offices, laboratories, dining, etc. Both areas are intertwined leaving gaps; courtyards separating both areas and at the same time letting in the natural light.

The circulation between programs is done by an outside corridor covered under an overhang on each of the longitudinal facades. Thus, outdoor circulation and staying areas are protected from the sun and rain. Due to subsoil conditions, the foundation rests on the existing ground creating a platform that defines and separates the outdoor corridors from surrounding truck traffic.