NC Corporate Offices. Nicaragua

I   Location: Managua, Nicaragua    I    Type: Commission    I    Client: Private    I    Year: 2014-...    I    Size: 1.240m2c    I    Status: Detail Design    I


The corporate offices are located in an industrial plot with dense vegetation. The building is designed on a single level with courtyards that enable the segregation of internal uses and at the same time the accommodation of the pre-existing trees and the illumination of all indoor areas.

The structure is conceived as a membrane solved with tubular metal columns with different sizes in different areas of the building to suit the architectural design and the loads derived from gravity as well as those from earthquake and wind.

Since the building façade is a continuous structural lattice, the perception between indoor and outdoor uses becomes blurred as several layers of structural tubes are superimposed. Thus, the green areas are intertwined with the offices generating an interior space in constant contact with the dense vegetation of the surrounding environment which gives shade and protects from direct sunlight.