Medico-social facility in Begnins. Switzerland

|   Location: Begnins, Swtizerland |   Type: Competition   -4th  PRIZE-  |  Client:  Fondation Belle-Saison   |   Year:  2017 |    Size: 8.000m2c   |   Status: Submitted  |

EMS BEGNINS_Ruiz Pardo-Nebreda (2).jpg

The new building is considered as a piece of rectangular plant compact and effective, both from a point of view of the optimization of the uses and from the point of view of energy sustainability. In its interior two courtyards with vegetation provide light and natural ventilation, as well as the possibility of solving safe gardens

The layout of the two courtyards allows residents to walk through the interior of the building in circular tours without having to repeat a trip. This configuration allows a simple orientation and at the same time a slight variation that prevents the monotony of its path.

The rooms are distributed in two levels of 34 beds each corresponding to the two units of medical care. The rooms are located on the perimeter as a continuous series of rooms only interrupted to accommodate semi-private uses in connection with the landscape, such as common rooms and dining rooms. These spaces are linked with the mountains, with the vegetation and at the same time with the interior patios so that they are surrounded by external spaces and their relation with the nature and the landscape is maximized.