Kömmerling Zero Building Headquarters. Spain

|   Location: Madrid. Spain   |   Type: Competition   |   Client: Kömmerling    |   Year: 2017   |   Size:1.035m2c    I    Status: Submitted    I

Kommerling HQ_Ruiz Pardo-Nebreda (1).jpg

The building is located within the Kömmerling plot where its industrial production facilities are located, as well as free areas for future expansions. The main strategy aimed at the design of a building with zero energy balance is based on an architectural design whose energy needs are minimal.

The building minimizes contact with the outside of its perimeter envelope from its semi-buried position. In this way the terrain acts as an envelope of great thermal inertia that protects the interior of the thermal oscillations.

A large continuous and vegetal insulating cover protects from the direct incidence of the sun and is complemented with passive solar protection systems both on the roof, with large parasols that cover the patio, and on the ventilated façade through slats in the East and West orientations .

A compact and square plant is complemented by a vegetable patio whose function is double. On the one hand, it acts as an active element in non-direct natural lighting, ventilation and air renewal systems; and on the other hand it acts as an enriching element in the life experience of the building, favoring communication and versatility of use of the interior space.