Nursery School.  Italy

I   Location: Brescia, Italy   I   Type: Competition ( 2nd PRIZE )   I   Client: Comune di Cazzago San Martino   I   Year: 2010   I   Size: 1.100m2c   I   Status: SUBMITTED   I


The place demands an optimistic and cheerful intervention able to give to the environment a powerful and easily identifiable status, both in the mind of the children and adults as well as in terms of city and territory. The sloped profile of the building refers to the classical pitched roofs of the town houses and towards the distant mountains.

Nestled in the geographical limit of Cazzago San Martino, the project is materialized as an architectural object halfway between the local and the territorial environment. To this double condition of scale and references, joins the search to optimize the orientation and open views to the landscape. The object, therefore, expands and articulates for sun seeking orientations for the classrooms, it grows toward the limits of the plot in search of distant mountains and it squirms generating a cozy access at a small urban scale.

The building invades the green area the same way the greenery enters the building giving the children the possibility of an intense contact with the surrounding countryside. The access defined by the outer contour of the building which makes an anteroom of the same. This welcoming area act as a transition between the immediate environment and the building itself. From here the children dive into a different space of colored glass, patios, vegetation, etc.