High School in Sion. Switzerland

|   Location: Sion, Swtizerland |   Type: Competition -2nd PRIZE-  |  Client:  Canton du Valais  |   Year:  2019 |    Size: 26.500m2c   |   Status: Submitted  |


The school in a compact and articulated way in all directions has differentiated accesses in each of its facades in relation to different areas of its immediate surroundings. The plant is organized radially around a central courtyard, the heart of the building that provides natural light and ventilation, which unites all functions around a shared space. This provision facilitates the orientation of users and favors the relationship between them.

On the ground floor is the classroom, the refectory, the administrative premises as well as a double sports hall. The large lobby space allows the circulation of a large number of students of the school and accommodates events and exhibitions. This large space around the large central courtyard is an important element of connection with the community and with the neighbors both for the activities, it allows to house and for the image of a civic institution that is intended to be projected.

The entrance located on the south façade is conceived as the main entrance since through it, independent access to the conference hall and refectory is given. As a prelude to this access, a platform is planned to transition between the Cours Roger-Bonvin and the building.

This platform also allows the congregation of users for events that the conference hall or the refectory can host together or independently. This platform can also be used as a refectory terrace.

In the four upper levels, the program is distributed in the different wings of the building around the central courtyard and covered secondary patios that illuminate the entire surface with natural light, providing transparency and harmony in the space.

The vertical and horizontal connections are located and sized to effectively manage the movement of a large number of students in the school. The designed space is flexible, modular and evolutionary so that it can adapt to future needs. The areas of relationship and circulation are sized so that they can house areas of study, meeting or relaxation in a cozy environment. The exchange and stimulation between students and professors are offered, offering varied spaces with different views towards the outside.