Excellence Principles 2017

Madrid - Barcelona. Dissertation Degree Projects 12+12

|  Location: ETSAM.UPM. Madrid, Spain  |  Type: Exhibition  |  Curators: Marcelo Ruiz Pardo, David Casino,  Félix Arranz   |  Design:Sara Miguelez  |  Year: 2017   I    


Exhibition, oral presentations and open discussion based on a selection of works of students who complete their pre-professional carrer in the dissertation subjects held by teaching staff of the architecture projects departments of Madrid's School Architecture (ETSAM) and Barcelona's School of Architecture (ETSAB). Activities held in the framework of a workshop with the joint participation of students, teachers and representatives from the industrial-editorial board of Scalae initiative. The workshopis planned as being a space for pooloing innovation and updating of teaching, motivation for lifelong learning, the presence of professional matrix culture in the training period and documentary, productive and research mainstreaming of architecture students and architects with the social and industrial agents or of institutional responsability.

General support: Editorial-industrial board SCALAE [Cricursa, Lamp, Figueras, Geze, Cosentino, Pergo, Roca]. Department of Architecture Projects of the Barcelona School of Architecture [ETSAB-UPC], Department of Architecture Projects of the Barcelona School of Architecture [ETSAM-UPM].