EMB12 Apartment Renovation.  Spain

I   Location: Madrid, Spain    I    Type: Commission    I    Client: Private    I    Year: 2017    I    Size: 150 m2c    I    Status: COMPLETED    I

17-1_Reforma Embajadores 12_Ruiz Pardo-Nebreda (22).jpg

The apartment object of the reform is located in the central street of Embajadores in Madrid. The house is of linear configuration with a single window to the street and an inner courtyard to which the interior rooms turn. The original configuration of the house results in a deep and dark floor with long and narrow corridors.

The project performs an interior emptying of all interior partitions and inserts a piece of continuous wooden furniture that houses all the equipment of the house, such as toilets, kitchen, stairs or storage, among others. The empty space articulated around it is activated from deployable and mobile elements of the said piece. The arrangement of this band equipped with continuous and linear carpentry organizes the resulting spaces of the house through a sequence of rooms that start from a large space linked to the facade and go into the house in such a way that natural lighting is optimized from the courtyard. The house also has a higher attic level which is accessed through a double step staircase, which is also integrated into the linear piece of carpentry.

The homogeneity of the material used in the band equipped with a plywood board allows a unit reading of said piece and give continuity between the different spaces defined by it.

The rooms that are generated around the piece of furniture have no partitions with each other or associated pre-established uses. Each of them could act as a room, study, meeting spaces or games, indistinctly. In this way, each user can configure the house according to their needs.