EMB12 Apartment Renovation.  Spain

I   Location: Madrid, Spain    I    Type: Commission    I    Client: Private    I    Year: 2017    I    Size: 150 m2c    I    Status: COMPLETED    I

17-1_Reforma Embajadores 12_Ruiz Pardo-Nebreda (22).jpg

The property in which the dwelling object of action is located, is placed on Embajadores Street No. 12. It belongs to consolidated urban land, specifically to the central district of Madrid, to the homogeneous Cerca and Arrabal de Felipe II complex.

The house, with an elongated and sensibly linear layout, is organized according to a sequence of spaces and rooms defined in such a way that a continuous main atmosphere is generated with lights on the façade. A set of living spaces around the interior courtyard and the service spaces interspersed between them. The service spaces are housed in a continuous piece of carpentry in such a way that the empty space articulated around it, is activated from deployable elements of the same.