DRC Operations Building. D.R.Congo

I   Location: Lubumbashi, D.R.Congo    I    Type: Commission    I    Client: Private    I    Year: 2015.    I    Size: 1.500m2c    I    Status: TENDERING    I


Considering the important constraints of this operations building location, the building has been design to allow a substantial reduction in power supply, allowing for natural ventilation and lighting. This would mean not only a reduction of the construction cost, but also a reduction of the operational costs.

A large cover provides shade and protection from heavy rains in the long rainy season. This cover offers protection and at the same time allows natural ventilation. The shape of the building allows cross and vertical ventilation, as the hot air moves upwards. At the same time we allow natural light to enter in a deep floor plan. A skylight is located all along the building to reduce the need for electrical light, and more air conditioning. The skylight is facing north-east to avoid direct sun exposure.

Additionally the structural solution has been studied for material optimization, while allowing an open plan for office purposes. The structure is envisaged in structural steel with bolted joints. All structural elements shall be prepared in the shop  and mounted in the field to ensure the quality control and a quick and easy mounting.