Corporate Offices.  Puerto Rico

I   Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico    I    Type: Commission    I    Client: Private    I    Year: 2012    I    Size: 5.200m2c    I    Status: DETAIL DESIGN    I


The project is inserted in an industrial area which is being regenerated and it acts as a visible element of this process. It is located at the nearest point to the road and perpendicular to it emphasizing its slenderness and visibility.

The image of a clean and sober volume rises above the existing industrial buildings freeing up all the space around it. The building is planned as a glazed block in contrast to the surrounding industrial environment and stands on an area of low vegetation.

The interior is conceived as continuous space connected by double heights that enable diagonal views through the entire volume. Linked to these double heights, open stairways that connect the different levels are located, as the purpose of these open communications is to allow not only visual but also physical relations.