Concha House. Spain

I   Location: Almería, Spain    I    Type: Comission    I    Client: Private    I    Year: 2014-....    I    Size: 240m2c    I    Status: TENDERING    I

CONCHA_RPN (1).jpg

Located between party walls, this single storey house is conceived as a transition between the narrow access road and spacious interior orchard.

Behind a nearly blind masonry wall that faces the street, a longitudinal front yard is placed. This yard allows the lighting of the rooms and provides privacy, since the openings are not directly on the front facade. The courtyard provides a filter between the outer space of the street and the inside of the house. It provides natural light to the house and acts as an extension of the adjacent rooms.

The interior of the house is configured in two longitudinal strips which are parallel to the street and to the two main courtyards. The first strip adjacent to the longitudinal front tyard houses the private and service programs, such us the bedrooms, kitchen and toilets, while the second one houses the public, social and communal programs. This strip opens to the large backyard that gives access to the orchard.

A metal lattice covers the courtyards and acts as a support for climbing plants that will provide shade to the house. These yards reproduce the grapevine crops characteristic of the town.