AUS Head Offices. Australia

I   Location: Brisbane, Australia    I    Type: Commission    I    Client: Private    I    Year: 2013    I    Size: 6.000m2c    I    Status: DETAIL DESIGN    I

Strategically located between Brisbane’s CBD, Australia Trade Coast and Brisbane Airport, the Corporate Headquarters are located in the new Northshore Hamilton Urban Development.

The building is conceived as a large span structure with post-tensioned beams to allow its configuration to be changed very easily thanks to a deep raised floor and the location of columns at the perimeter of the building. At both ends of the block large balconies are envisaged as break out areas, or as a setting for informal meetings.

Since the floor plan is quite deep, the storey heights are in accordance to it, in order to allow natural light enter to all working areas. To avoid high energy consumption, the building façade is divided in vision areas and glazed screens for sunlight protection.