Collège Courbet. Switzerland

I  Location: La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland I Type: Competition   I   Client: Ville de la Tour-de-Peilz I   Year: 2016   I   Size: 6.000m2c   I   Status: Submitted_3ème tour  I

The new Courbet College is designed as urban equipment that integrates into the surroundings from a series of structuring, coherent and harmonious volumes that complete the college district. A clear organization in three connected volumes is presented, according to the three basic programs (college, library and sports hall).

The fragmentation of the volume built in three parts reduces the scale of the whole and promotes better integration into the existing urban fabric. The relative position of the buildings has been carefully studied so that the gap between them is of adequate scale. A sequence of public spaces of different size effectively connected to each other and the neighborhood environment is proposed, generating a safe entourage that promotes gentle traffic and meeting spaces.

The space bounded by the three buildings defines the main outdoor courtyard in relation to the North-South pedestrian circulation axis which unites the station with the city center and which conforms a welcoming urban space for the children and the inhabitants of the city. . To the North is defined a court of smaller dimensions connected with the biggest one, whose utility is minor and can be used by the smaller children