Biotech Laboratories.  Spain

I   Location: Burgos, Spain    I    Type: Competition ( 3rd PRIZE  )    I    Client: University of Burgos    I    Year: 2010.    I    Size: 1.700m2c    I    Status: SUBMITTED    I


The laboratory building acts as a sensing tool. It is an infrastructure for microscopic knowledge while it allows the perception of the environment, the nature and the architecture itself. 

The arboreal, natural and organic, environment contrasts with the clear and crystalline architecture. The figure-ground relationship appears to be of contrast and exclusion, but from a perceptive point of view, the building will reflect the surrounding vegetation and the apparent contrast between two natural forms (crystallographic and organic) would be qualified in its perception. 

Its mirror surface presents a more complex relationship between the object and its environment since the later becomes the first and vice versa. The building grows in height to see and be seen from the street and from the adjacent railways. It has the will to establish itself as a dynamic reference, as an urban scale activator; to become a monument and to disappear, or rather become another: to camouflage itself. The building behaves like an insurmountable paradox: on one side it is a monument and an icon, and simultaneously is perceived as something else.