Church and Priest’s House in Gijon. Spain

|   Location: Gijon, Spain |   Type: Commission  |  Client:  Private  |   Year:  2019 |    Size: 474m2c   |   Status: Tendering  |


The National Housing Institute entrusted the execution of 1,500 homes in Gijón to alleviate the housing shortage due to the strong population increase that the city experienced in those years. The expropriation of the land began in 1955 and the works were completed in 1958. The team of architects proposed the project based on the location of exempt blocks, leaving ample garden-free spaces with each other. The group had a supermarket in the two-story building that currently occupies us and is the subject of this project.

Thus, the project is inserted in the 1,500 neighborhood of Pumarín. The new building is based on the condition of not exceeding the volume of the existing building, so it will have the same dimensions in plan and respect the two heights indicated in the planning. A simple, respectful and silent volume is raised that nevertheless contains a more complex spatiality. The church space is concentrated on the ground floor level. It is a large and open space visually communicated with the outside. A large space of light covered by the upper level where the house is located.

A structure is proposed that solves the different program areas in a clear and unitary way. Thus, two side walls located on the long side of the perimeter support an upper body that houses the housing program. This configuration leaves a large vacuum on the ground floor accessible from the landscaped urban area and illuminated at its ends. The space of the church is in continuity with the outer space inviting people to enter it and that at night acts as a beacon of light. The floor plane descends gently to focus attention on the altar. In the access area, there is a staircase that gives access to the upper level and acts as an exempt element.

The upper floor is systematically divided into rooms of similar sizes that could change their use over time, and adapt to the needs of each moment. In this level the activities of administration, reception of visits and accommodation are concentrated. In a large window running on the long sides allows providing light and views on this level.