Bamiyan Cultural Centre. Afghanistan

I  Location: Bamiyan, Afghanistan   I   Type: Competition ( SELECTED )   I   Client: Ministry of Culture/UNESCO   I   Year: 2015   I   Size: 2.200m2c  I  Status: Submitted  I

Bamiyan Cultural Center_RpN_2.jpg

The Bamiyan Cultural Centre represents an intervention that is born from the desire to create the ideal environment for the exchange of knowledge, sharing of ideas and appreciation of the surrounding heritage.

The building is located on the upper plateau, leaving the rest of the land for public use. Multiple outdoor areas, which may develop cultural activities overlooking the valley of Bamiyan, are defined. These external programs, such as outdoor exhibitions, multipurpose stands, the scenic viewpoint, develop collective activities while enjoying the surrounding landscape. 

A continuous and open space ranging sequentially from the compression to the expanded areas designed for congregation and social relationship. The sequence of courtyards operates as a large outdoor corridor which allows outdoor activities and social encounters.