54 Dwellings in Madrid. Spain

|   Location:  Madrid, Spain  |    Type:  Commission    |    Client:  Private  |    Year: 2018   |    Size: 7.500m2c    |    Status:  Preliminary design  |

54 Viviendas en San Sebastian de los Reyes_Ruiz Pardo-Nebreda (2-2).jpg

The housing block is formed by a rectangular footprint building of 13m depth (plus 2m of terrace) and 7 floors above grade and penthouses. The promotion is endowed with community spaces. It has a gym, a gastronomic lobby, a children's play area, a landscaped courtyard and a swimming pool with a solarium.

The building presents a solution of pass-through dwellings, with a SW-NE double orientation, matching the needs of orientation, sunning, plot occupancy and cross ventilation, with the geometric and urban characteristics of the existing space. The core of toilets and bathrooms is projected in the central area of the block, which allows the facade areas to be free of fixed and conditioning elements and, therefore, with great possibilities of flexibility, modification, and adaptation to the needs of the user

The access solution allows a continuous front of shops to the street, flexibilizing its surface to facilitate its commercialization, and reserve the back for recreational use of the owners of the houses. The gardens will be treated with a balanced layout of paved and landscaped areas, looking for their aesthetics and functionality. There will be shady areas, pleasant for the summer.